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Bemrose Review #0: Total Recall (2012)

Today we review the now-ten-year-old remake of the 1990 Paul Verhoeven classic Total Recall. Spoiler: He liked it as an action movie. I had rant.

Posting here as a sneaky backdoor pilot for a new show concept I’m doing with my brother Tony (aka Bemlet). If you like it, please comment here, or on the fediverse (I’m @SirBemrose on and you might get more. And if you hated it, please comment, as this may be your only chance to kill this thing before it gets off the ground.

2 replies on “Bemrose Review #0: Total Recall (2012)”

Honestly would rather have a tech session last thirty minutes.
I’m unable to go to watch movies so have little interest in them.
I want my tech rant back.

Actually, I dig the back and forth banter. It’s a nice change of pace. Can we get both?

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