Angry Tech News #45: Screenshot Holiday

Lastpass hacked, Notepad += 1, Tesla gets legislated at, the FBI issues good advice (from 2006), and a Southwest prediction

Recorded LIVE. Angry thanks to Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley, and to BillyBon3s, who boosted at the exact moment I complained about nobody boosting.


Southwest Airlines system implodes
Win11 Notepad gets tabs
LastPass confirms data breach
Teslas are no longer “self-driving” in California
FBI recommends ad blockers


Angry Tech News #44: Multiplayer Scarf

FTC makes its presence known, Apple and Google want you to trust them with your darkest secrets, Tesla releases a video game console, and Microsoft reduces update spam (for certain operating systems)


FTC, lawsuit seeking to block MSFT/ATVI acquisition

FTC fines Epic Games over Fortnite dark patterns

Apple announces E2E encryption in icloud

Google adds client-side encryption to gmail

Tesla cars get Steam integration

Pixel 8 gets unnecessary upgrade

MSFT dropping all support for Edge, Win7, Win8 on January 10