Angry Tech News #20: Recursive Carrier

Activision Blizzard passes beyond the event horizon, Pour one out for IBM Watson, Mobile carriers declare war on VPNs, Rust vulnerability, and Google in legal hot water all over the world


MSFT buys Activision Blizzard

Apple’s built-in VPN rustles some jimmies

T-mobile blocks icloud privacy

IBM selling off Watson Health division

Rust standard library race condition can delete all of your files

Texas, Indiana, Washington, and DC sue Google saying it invades users’ privacy

Google Analytics declared illegal in EU

Google preaches doom if AUS court ruling is let stand


Angry Tech News #19: Shatterproof Database

Another Y2k bug, NFT Paparazzi, Crow lasers, Safari data leak, Woke word processors, the end of SGX, and the Cybertruck delayed.


y2k22 Exchange server bug

NFT-enabled paparazzi

Sunnyvale crows about crows

Safari data leak

Microsoft Word Woke Checker feature

SGX Deprecation

Cybertruck delayed


Angry Tech News #18: Cartridge Leather

Radio Shack is back, Backfiring printer DRM, Crypto-mining security suite, and a rarely-spotted Powershell bug


Radio Shack to become a crypto brand

Canon sells chipless ink, tells customers to bypass DRM

Norton Crypto FAQ

Krebs on 7-month-old news

Grumpy Old Bens #165


Angry Tech News #17: Waterproof Fahrenheit

CES Rundown of useless crap, Tumblr app censorship, and AAA discovers what EV owners already know.


CES 2022 shortened one day

Samsung grasping for features for its new TVs

Kohler combines plumbing and apps

Tumblr ios app censored

AAA study shows EVs far less useful outside California