Angry Tech News #39: Broadband Gasoline

Streaming quarterly reports, Smarthomes working for the government, another reason to turn off wi-fi, and some headlines


Google and Amazon pillage your data in an “emergency”

Ring E2EE

Spotify Q2: Users up, revenue down

Disney beats subscriber growth projections, raises prices to compensate

Wifi smartphone probing exposes a ton of data

Starlink bid for $885M in public funds rejected

Google Fiber resumes rollout

VLC banned in India

Meta sues Facebook


Angry Tech News #38: Iconic Faceprint

TikTok, Twitter, and Ubisoft screw their users, European government screws everyone, a way to defeat air gaps, yet another NPM supply chain attack, and a new product that will help you reach your inner cyborg!


TikTok bends over your privacy

Firefox starts stripping tracking tags from URLs

Smart contact lenses

Ubisoft shows who really owns your games

Twitter has no ethics

Iconburst NPM supply chain attack

DMA, DSA pass EU parliament

ETSC mandates black boxes

Using SATA cable to defeat air gaps


Angry Tech News #37: Unlocking Deathtraps

Tesla vs. Bluetooth, T-Mobile vs. Privacy, Netflix vs. the circling drain, Internet Explorer vs. Oblivion, and Toyota vs. Physics


Tesla hack allows new keys to be authorized when NFC card is used

Goodnight, Internet Explorer

Netflix to introduce ad tier

T-Mobile sells you via your app usage

Toyota EVs recalled


Angry Tech News #36: Cringe Conference

WWDC roundup and Seth’s Ape


Seth misplaces his NFT

WWDC new features


Angry Tech News #35: Department Availability

End of a pod era, Apple enables rate inflation, iphone and bluetooth vulnerabilities, and Coinbase spooks its customers


Apple stops making ipods

Apple changes app price hikes from opt-in to opt-out

iphone low-power-mode vulnerabilities

Bluetooth link-level relay attack

Coinbase almost fulfils its own prophecy

Netflix begins layoffs

Google Russia warns bankruptcy


Angry Tech News #34: Quarterly Incomprehensible

Russia takes Silicon Valley to court, Investors take Silicon Valley to court, SEC takes Silicon Valley to court, Ransomware shuts down college, Ransomware shuts down planting season, Instagram gets NFTs, Discord Hackers get NFTs, and Xbox sucks!


Angry Tech News #33: Ponzi Cinema

Russian theaters do what they must to survive, Google has a bug, Apple hates developers, Browser numbers, New Google AMP features from Brave, and the most disgusting NFT story I’ve ever told


Russian cinemas turn to piracy

Russia pulls out of ISS

Google store credits are smaller than they appear

Apple hates stable niche apps

Statcounter browser share numbers

Anti-AMP features from Brave and DDG

Yuga breaks ethereum

BAYC Instagram hacked


Angry Tech News #32: Absolutist Spark

The end of the Chevy Spark EV, the end of an era for Netflix, and the end of the world for Twitter!


Musk purchases twitter

No replacement battery for Chevy Spark EV

Netflix drops subscribers. Stock market piles on.


Angry Tech News #31: Mute Gatekeeper

Dumb homes, How a mute button works, Riding the NFT hype wave all the way down, and a deeper analysis on European law than I ever wanted to do!


Mute doesn’t necessarily mean mute

Dorsey NFT flops

Insteon fails its existence-check

Digital Markets Act


Angry Tech News #30: Cluster Unthinkable

AI-generated text is spam, Isle of Wight finds a way to spice up vehicle charging, hacks, hacks, hacks, and hacks!


Reboot Tuesday

Google confirms AIs create spam

Isle of Wight charging stations suddenly worth watching

Hacking story that has almost nothing to do with adult sites

Phishing Microsoft accounts using Microsoft’s own certificates

Microsoft vs Russian sovereignty

US AG admits to computer espionage

VMWare zero-day