Angry Tech News #83: Thereupon Classified

Microsoft’s new Recall feature obsoletes all other spyware,
You are participating in a worldwide wifi tracking network,
and the end of ICQ (yeah, it was still around)

Windows Recall
Wifi is not your friend
ICQ is shutting down
Proof of concept for exfiltrating Recall data


Angry Tech News #82: Subsystem Derision

ATN is back after a small hiatus! Time to clear some tabs and pour sarcasm on some choice stories from the last three months.

Forced updates, Insecure IoT doorbells, The craze to put AI into all the things, Tesla’s safety record, and a rundown of Windows 11 news


Consumer Reports: many smart doorbells have major security problems
Logitech releases M750 mouse, which is M650 with an AI button
Speculation: AI could destroy call center industry
NHTSA report on Tesla Autopilot crashes
Windows 11 stuff


Angry Tech News #81: Subscribe Firstborn

Google admits what we all know, Apple faces the music (or at least a few notes), and HP and Ubisoft seek rent


Google admits it collects user data in incognito mode
Apple concedes almost an inch
HP: “Our long-term objective is to make printing a subscription”
Ubisoft says gamers should just accept not owning their games


Angry Tech News #80: Artist Proxy

Apple wants to control your digital life, Google wants to control the entire internet, and artists finally get a weapon in the war against AI


AI data poisoning tool “Nightshade”

Apple makes biometrics authoritative with “Stolen Device Protection” feature

Google’s latest move to control the whole world-wide-web


Angry Tech News #79: Plan Malvertise

Right to Repair in California, T-Mobile gets greedy, Google gets paid to install malware, and a WinRAR vulnerability


CA Right to Repair SB 244 passed

T-Mobile migrates customers to new more expensive plans

Search malvertising

Youtube starting to block users who use ad-blocker

WinRAR vulnerability


Angry Tech News #78: Houston Reactive

T-Mobile failed update, Microsoft closes a loophole no one was using, Cruise cars meet Houston weather, and software developers hate diversity


Libwebp vulnerability assigned new maximum severity

Libvpx vulnerability

Exim vulnerabilities disclosed

T-Mobile faulty update exposes user info

Win7/8 upgrade to Win10 finally disabled

Houston Cruise vehicles hit streets with expected results


Angry Tech News #77: Whiz Factor

Google defeats multifactor authentication, Pixel Watch is unrepairable, Ring sells a pet collar, Toyota learns the value of IT, and yet another vulnerability in the Internet


Retool MFA defeated by Google convenience

Pixel Watches are unrepairable

Ring Pet Tag

Toyota manufacturing goes down. Dude named Ben about to get fired.

Critical WebP vulnerability


Angry Tech News #76: Snappy Spyware

Spyware hacked for good, Apple OS hacked for bad, Windows hacked, but it makes things better, OpenAI confirms AI detectors are crap, and Automobiles are now officially the worst product category for privacy


WebDetetive spyware hacked

Windows bug improves performance

Blastpass vuln in Apple OS’s

OpenAI: “Do AI Detectors Work?”

Mozilla reviews automakers for privacy practices


Angry Tech News #75: Plonked Stratum

Breaches, breaches, breaches! Google solves meetings. And a Microsoft service becomes a liability in time


UMich attack

Forever 21 breach

Callaway breach

Google Duet AI vs meetings

Windows Secure Time feature


Angry Tech News #74: Terabyte Windmills

Western Digital and Hewlett Packard facing lawsuits, Dropbox ends unlimited storage, Microsoft uses the word “python” a lot, and IoT devices continue to be a security nightmare


NPR listens to ATN (maybe)

Western Digital faces lawsuits over crappy SSD products

HP faces lawsuits over shady ink drivers

Cloud “Python” coming to Excel

Dropbox dumps unlimited storage

TP-Link smartbulb vulnerability