Angry Tech News #35: Department Availability

End of a pod era, Apple enables rate inflation, iphone and bluetooth vulnerabilities, and Coinbase spooks its customers


Apple stops making ipods

Apple changes app price hikes from opt-in to opt-out

iphone low-power-mode vulnerabilities

Bluetooth link-level relay attack

Coinbase almost fulfils its own prophecy

Netflix begins layoffs

Google Russia warns bankruptcy


Angry Tech News #34: Quarterly Incomprehensible

Russia takes Silicon Valley to court, Investors take Silicon Valley to court, SEC takes Silicon Valley to court, Ransomware shuts down college, Ransomware shuts down planting season, Instagram gets NFTs, Discord Hackers get NFTs, and Xbox sucks!


Angry Tech News #33: Ponzi Cinema

Russian theaters do what they must to survive, Google has a bug, Apple hates developers, Browser numbers, New Google AMP features from Brave, and the most disgusting NFT story I’ve ever told


Russian cinemas turn to piracy

Russia pulls out of ISS

Google store credits are smaller than they appear

Apple hates stable niche apps

Statcounter browser share numbers

Anti-AMP features from Brave and DDG

Yuga breaks ethereum

BAYC Instagram hacked