Angry Tech News #58: Grail Promise

Samsung has a bad quarter, Activision-Blizzard purchase hits a snag, Windows 10 receives its last update, Netflix experiences the totally-expected results of their crackdown, and the NFL’s True Fans get a scare


Samsung Q1 profits down 95%
East TX jury verdict against Samsung for $303 million
Microsoft will not be updating Windows 10 anymore
Netflix loses a million subscribers in Spain
UK regulator denies Microsoft purchase of Activision-Blizzard
Comcast drops NFL Network for 24h


Angry Tech News #57: Replacement Factoid

Chromebook e-waste, another iphone hack, and three Silicon Valley companies with failing business models


Lockdown-chromebooks are becoming an e-waste problem
Netflix crackdown on password sharing comes to US
iphone hack can get you locked out of all Apple services
Reddit to charge for access to user-generated content
StackOverflow to charge for access to user-generated content


Angry Tech News #48: Cupcake Bloatware

Microsoft’s Reboot Tuesday, Android 14, Windows 11 and Android bloat, Google AI biffs it, and a Mastodon alternative from Cloudflare


Reboot Tuesday highlights
Edge, IE11 to be permanently disabled
Tiny11 = Win11 stripped of bloat
MSFT store offers even more ads
Android 14 features
Android 14 blocks installation of old apps
Galaxy S23 bloats system image to 60Gb
Netflix on sharing crackdown
Google Bard’s fake news–error-bard-shares
Cloudflare presents ActivityPub as a service


Angry Tech News #47: Reboot Subscription

Netflix death spiral reaches a new low, BMW doubles down on user-hostility, Blizzard outage in China, More Apple crash detection shenanigans, and Smart devices doing dumb things


Apple crash detection sends more false alarms
Netflix pokes the hornets nest
BMW & subscriptions
BMW won’t update if you live on a hill
WoW went dark in China
Smart-devices leaking pings
Smart trash can for $33/mo (twice the cost of netflix)
People are not connecting IoT devices
MSFT pushes update for office telemetry


Angry Tech News #37: Unlocking Deathtraps

Tesla vs. Bluetooth, T-Mobile vs. Privacy, Netflix vs. the circling drain, Internet Explorer vs. Oblivion, and Toyota vs. Physics


Tesla hack allows new keys to be authorized when NFC card is used

Goodnight, Internet Explorer

Netflix to introduce ad tier

T-Mobile sells you via your app usage

Toyota EVs recalled


Angry Tech News #34: Quarterly Incomprehensible

Russia takes Silicon Valley to court, Investors take Silicon Valley to court, SEC takes Silicon Valley to court, Ransomware shuts down college, Ransomware shuts down planting season, Instagram gets NFTs, Discord Hackers get NFTs, and Xbox sucks!


Angry Tech News #32: Absolutist Spark

The end of the Chevy Spark EV, the end of an era for Netflix, and the end of the world for Twitter!


Musk purchases twitter

No replacement battery for Chevy Spark EV

Netflix drops subscribers. Stock market piles on.


Angry Tech News #29: Supply Chain Advisor

Malicious OSS, Netflix conjecture, A win in the right to repair fight, and yet another Chrome zero-day yawn


node-ipc malicious update

Malicious Azure-targeting NPM packages

Netflix offers way to pay more if you share passwords

John Deere repair program

Yet another critical Chrome vulnerability


Angry Tech News #26: Transmissible Groupthink

Silicon Valley vs Russia, Nvidia and Samsung hacks, Discord goes full Facebook, and my rants go a little bit off the rails!


Western companies jumping on the “Hate Russia” bandwagon

Russia “fake news” law

NVidia hacked

Samsung hacked

Discord joins the censorship bunch


Angry Tech News #25: Ukraine Skylines

AI Copyright, Malware in the Windows store, Malware in game mods, and more Ukraine news than I ever wanted to report


Disney coasts on old IP

Google knows better than Ukrainian citizens

Federov calls for censorship

Netflix virtue signals

No copyright for robots

Electron-Bot malware

Cities Skylines mods found to contain malware