Angry Tech News #45: Screenshot Holiday

Lastpass hacked, Notepad += 1, Tesla gets legislated at, the FBI issues good advice (from 2006), and a Southwest prediction

Recorded LIVE. Angry thanks to Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley, and to BillyBon3s, who boosted at the exact moment I complained about nobody boosting.


Southwest Airlines system implodes
Win11 Notepad gets tabs
LastPass confirms data breach
Teslas are no longer “self-driving” in California
FBI recommends ad blockers


Angry Tech News #44: Multiplayer Scarf

FTC makes its presence known, Apple and Google want you to trust them with your darkest secrets, Tesla releases a video game console, and Microsoft reduces update spam (for certain operating systems)


FTC, lawsuit seeking to block MSFT/ATVI acquisition

FTC fines Epic Games over Fortnite dark patterns

Apple announces E2E encryption in icloud

Google adds client-side encryption to gmail

Tesla cars get Steam integration

Pixel 8 gets unnecessary upgrade

MSFT dropping all support for Edge, Win7, Win8 on January 10


Angry Tech News #37: Unlocking Deathtraps

Tesla vs. Bluetooth, T-Mobile vs. Privacy, Netflix vs. the circling drain, Internet Explorer vs. Oblivion, and Toyota vs. Physics


Tesla hack allows new keys to be authorized when NFC card is used

Goodnight, Internet Explorer

Netflix to introduce ad tier

T-Mobile sells you via your app usage

Toyota EVs recalled


Angry Tech News #23: Cocaine Lesbians

Police use dark web biometrics, MoviePass back, with 100% more user hostility, Cent halts NFT transactions, Tesla deals with fart apps, and EA virtue signals!


MoviePass now with 100% more user-hostility

Cocaine dealer identified by palm image on dark web chat

Cent marketplace halts all NFT transactions

EA refuses to sell Sims expansion in Russia

Tesla platform moves past the fart app stage


Angry Tech News #19: Shatterproof Database

Another Y2k bug, NFT Paparazzi, Crow lasers, Safari data leak, Woke word processors, the end of SGX, and the Cybertruck delayed.


y2k22 Exchange server bug

NFT-enabled paparazzi

Sunnyvale crows about crows

Safari data leak

Microsoft Word Woke Checker feature

SGX Deprecation

Cybertruck delayed


Angry Tech News #16: Browse Driving

Alexa engagement, new DuckDuckGo browser, and Tesla in hot water for giving its customers more choice.


Amazon Echo’s high attrition rates

DDG to release “private” browser

NHTSA investigating Tesla for accidentally allowing freedom of choice


Angry Tech News #10: Weed Zombie

The world’s most sought-after iPhone, a Call of Duty hotfix, unspecified BIOS vulnerabilities, a fully-autonomous gardening laser, and supercharger slumming!


USB-C iphone sells for $86001

Call of Duty Vanguard hotfix to remove pages of Quran

Intel processor vulnerabilities – update your BIOS if you’re able

Using lasers to control weeds

Tesla opens superchargers to other EVs in NL

GM to install 40k EV stations in US/CA


Angry Tech News #2 – Friday, 17 Sep 2021

Apple vs Epic, Apple vs kiddie porn, Apple vs. the Environment, ProtonMail isn’t so private after all, and Tesla offers FSD only to drivers who don’t need it.


Epic v. Apple verdict

Apple abuses CSAM filter

Apple censors Russian voting app

Apple shareholders pushing for right to repair

Protonmail gives up IP address of user

Tesla releases FSD b10 only for “good” drivers

BONUS: Excited Tesla driver cheers drunken AI