Angry Tech News #79: Plan Malvertise

Right to Repair in California, T-Mobile gets greedy, Google gets paid to install malware, and a WinRAR vulnerability


CA Right to Repair SB 244 passed

T-Mobile migrates customers to new more expensive plans

Search malvertising

Youtube starting to block users who use ad-blocker

WinRAR vulnerability


Angry Tech News #41: Parse Microbe

Intel source code, more phishing, safe LEDs, Google Stadia shutting down, and why I spent three hours futzing with my lightning node today instead of preparing ATN stories!


Intel source code leak

LinkedIn-assisted phishing attacks

New “safe” UV LED

Google Stadia to shut down

LND bug blocks older lightning nodes from syncing to blockchain


Angry Tech News #30: Cluster Unthinkable

AI-generated text is spam, Isle of Wight finds a way to spice up vehicle charging, hacks, hacks, hacks, and hacks!


Reboot Tuesday

Google confirms AIs create spam

Isle of Wight charging stations suddenly worth watching

Hacking story that has almost nothing to do with adult sites

Phishing Microsoft accounts using Microsoft’s own certificates

Microsoft vs Russian sovereignty

US AG admits to computer espionage

VMWare zero-day