Angry Tech News #19: Shatterproof Database

Another Y2k bug, NFT Paparazzi, Crow lasers, Safari data leak, Woke word processors, the end of SGX, and the Cybertruck delayed.


y2k22 Exchange server bug

NFT-enabled paparazzi

Sunnyvale crows about crows

Safari data leak

Microsoft Word Woke Checker feature

SGX Deprecation

Cybertruck delayed


Angry Tech News #10: Weed Zombie

The world’s most sought-after iPhone, a Call of Duty hotfix, unspecified BIOS vulnerabilities, a fully-autonomous gardening laser, and supercharger slumming!


USB-C iphone sells for $86001

Call of Duty Vanguard hotfix to remove pages of Quran

Intel processor vulnerabilities – update your BIOS if you’re able

Using lasers to control weeds

Tesla opens superchargers to other EVs in NL

GM to install 40k EV stations in US/CA