Angry Tech News #76: Snappy Spyware

Spyware hacked for good, Apple OS hacked for bad, Windows hacked, but it makes things better, OpenAI confirms AI detectors are crap, and Automobiles are now officially the worst product category for privacy


WebDetetive spyware hacked

Windows bug improves performance

Blastpass vuln in Apple OS’s

OpenAI: “Do AI Detectors Work?”

Mozilla reviews automakers for privacy practices


Angry Tech News #68: Unpaywalled Pings

AI injected into everything; hilarity ensues! Also, patched vulnerabilities in FortiGate firewalls and Mastodon servers. Plus, a rumor that suprises no-one


OpenAI enables, disables Browse-With-Bing feature
MDN Web adds AI hallucinations to online docs
More than 300k Fortinet firewalls still vulnerable to RCE, a month after patch
TootRoot and other mastodon vulnerabilities
Rumor: Windows 12