Angry Tech News #75: Plonked Stratum

Breaches, breaches, breaches! Google solves meetings. And a Microsoft service becomes a liability in time


UMich attack

Forever 21 breach

Callaway breach

Google Duet AI vs meetings

Windows Secure Time feature


Angry Tech News #73: Identity Bubble

News Flash: CAPTCHAs are worthless! Plus, Food AI wants to kill us all. Microservices security is more scary and complicated than we imagined. And copyrights are eroding our culture


Bots can solve CAPTCHAS faster than humans

NZ supermarket chain Pak ‘n’ Save AI meal planner suggests poison recipes

Shadow Access Impact Report

Music labels only want culture preserved if they can control it


Angry Tech News #70: Pixelated Grace

New EU battery regulations, Ubisoft does another bad thing, NFTs aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, and a Native Ad for porn!


EU requires all phones to have replacable batteries

Ubisoft deletes accounts, digital libraries, if you haven’t logged in recently

$2.9M Dorsey tweet NFT for sale, $2k OBO

Unstable Diffusion releases AI porn generator


Angry Tech News #68: Unpaywalled Pings

AI injected into everything; hilarity ensues! Also, patched vulnerabilities in FortiGate firewalls and Mastodon servers. Plus, a rumor that suprises no-one


OpenAI enables, disables Browse-With-Bing feature
MDN Web adds AI hallucinations to online docs
More than 300k Fortinet firewalls still vulnerable to RCE, a month after patch
TootRoot and other mastodon vulnerabilities
Rumor: Windows 12


Angry Tech News #52: Oreo Demographic

AI and TikTok, TikTok and AI. Also, Right to Repair, Tesla security, and HP printers are still an ink scam


Anthropic releases Claude AI
AI-powered Clippy
Baidu demos ErnieBot
Tesla faces right-to-repair suit
HP Dynamic Security
Man drives off in wrong Tesla


Angry Tech News #48: Cupcake Bloatware

Microsoft’s Reboot Tuesday, Android 14, Windows 11 and Android bloat, Google AI biffs it, and a Mastodon alternative from Cloudflare


Reboot Tuesday highlights
Edge, IE11 to be permanently disabled
Tiny11 = Win11 stripped of bloat
MSFT store offers even more ads
Android 14 features
Android 14 blocks installation of old apps
Galaxy S23 bloats system image to 60Gb
Netflix on sharing crackdown
Google Bard’s fake news–error-bard-shares
Cloudflare presents ActivityPub as a service


Angry Tech News #25: Ukraine Skylines

AI Copyright, Malware in the Windows store, Malware in game mods, and more Ukraine news than I ever wanted to report


Disney coasts on old IP

Google knows better than Ukrainian citizens

Federov calls for censorship

Netflix virtue signals

No copyright for robots

Electron-Bot malware

Cities Skylines mods found to contain malware