Angry Tech News #0 – Friday, 3 September 2021

Chinese government restricts video games to 3hrs per week for kids. Reddit continues its crusade against communities that don’t join the hivemind. Samsung shows that when you buy a TV, it’s not really yours. Security researcher turns memory bus into a wifi antenna.

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Chinese mandate – kids under 18 limited to 3hrs/wk of video games

2019 Chinese restrictions on video gaming

Writing games for China market under new restrictions

Reddit has banned r/NoNewNormal

Reddit admin “worstnerd” posted an “Analysis of Covid Denial”

Samsung to remotely brick TVs stolen from warehouse

ThreatPost reports “noted air-gap researcher Mordechai Guri created a proof-of-concept”

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Ryan, great podcast with fresh content! GoB is not the same without you. That show should be renamed the D.O. Interview show. You may disagree but you were the Dvorak of GoB (the serious guru).

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