Angry Tech News #80: Artist Proxy

Apple wants to control your digital life, Google wants to control the entire internet, and artists finally get a weapon in the war against AI


AI data poisoning tool “Nightshade”

Apple makes biometrics authoritative with “Stolen Device Protection” feature

Google’s latest move to control the whole world-wide-web


Angry Tech News #73: Identity Bubble

News Flash: CAPTCHAs are worthless! Plus, Food AI wants to kill us all. Microservices security is more scary and complicated than we imagined. And copyrights are eroding our culture


Bots can solve CAPTCHAS faster than humans

NZ supermarket chain Pak ‘n’ Save AI meal planner suggests poison recipes

Shadow Access Impact Report

Music labels only want culture preserved if they can control it


Angry Tech News #38: Iconic Faceprint

TikTok, Twitter, and Ubisoft screw their users, European government screws everyone, a way to defeat air gaps, yet another NPM supply chain attack, and a new product that will help you reach your inner cyborg!


TikTok bends over your privacy

Firefox starts stripping tracking tags from URLs

Smart contact lenses

Ubisoft shows who really owns your games

Twitter has no ethics

Iconburst NPM supply chain attack

DMA, DSA pass EU parliament

ETSC mandates black boxes

Using SATA cable to defeat air gaps


Angry Tech News #7: Munition Parser

Argentinian data breach, NPM supply chain attack, Apple as a bad security neighbor, Play store fees dropping, and the return of the 90s encryption ban


Argentina RENAPER DB breached

NPM supply chain attack: UA-Parser-JS lib released with backdoor

Apple silently fixing reported bugs without giving credit

Bringing back the encryption ban – this time “hacking tools”


Angry Tech News #0 – Friday, 3 September 2021

Chinese government restricts video games to 3hrs per week for kids. Reddit continues its crusade against communities that don’t join the hivemind. Samsung shows that when you buy a TV, it’s not really yours. Security researcher turns memory bus into a wifi antenna.

Download mp3


Chinese mandate – kids under 18 limited to 3hrs/wk of video games

2019 Chinese restrictions on video gaming

Writing games for China market under new restrictions

Reddit has banned r/NoNewNormal

Reddit admin “worstnerd” posted an “Analysis of Covid Denial”

Samsung to remotely brick TVs stolen from warehouse

ThreatPost reports “noted air-gap researcher Mordechai Guri created a proof-of-concept”