Angry Tech News #58: Grail Promise

Samsung has a bad quarter, Activision-Blizzard purchase hits a snag, Windows 10 receives its last update, Netflix experiences the totally-expected results of their crackdown, and the NFL’s True Fans get a scare


Samsung Q1 profits down 95%
East TX jury verdict against Samsung for $303 million
Microsoft will not be updating Windows 10 anymore
Netflix loses a million subscribers in Spain
UK regulator denies Microsoft purchase of Activision-Blizzard
Comcast drops NFL Network for 24h


Angry Tech News #51: Moon Peripherals

Data Centers on an AI-generated moon, Apple rules USB with an iron fist, Silicon Valley banking woes, and how IoT keeps a Massachusetts high school fully enlightened


Silicon Valley Bank failure
Data centers on moon
Fake Samsung moon pics
Apple USB accessories still require certification
Mass high school can’t turn off its lights


Angry Tech News #49: Verified Inaccessible

Facebook gets subscription fees, Kia issues software patch for theft, AMD drivers brick gaming PCs, Chatbots go mental, and Samsung develops a feature that should never have been needed


Facebook to get paid subscription
Samsung “Message Guard”
TikTok Kia Challenge
Latest AMD drivers brick PCs
Bing chatbot claims Mars has 2.5Bn people
Bing chatbot goes mental
MSFT demos AI-infused Office apps
MSFT puts limits on Bing chat interactions
Alibaba to develop chatbot


Angry Tech News #48: Cupcake Bloatware

Microsoft’s Reboot Tuesday, Android 14, Windows 11 and Android bloat, Google AI biffs it, and a Mastodon alternative from Cloudflare


Reboot Tuesday highlights
Edge, IE11 to be permanently disabled
Tiny11 = Win11 stripped of bloat
MSFT store offers even more ads
Android 14 features
Android 14 blocks installation of old apps
Galaxy S23 bloats system image to 60Gb
Netflix on sharing crackdown
Google Bard’s fake news–error-bard-shares
Cloudflare presents ActivityPub as a service


Angry Tech News #26: Transmissible Groupthink

Silicon Valley vs Russia, Nvidia and Samsung hacks, Discord goes full Facebook, and my rants go a little bit off the rails!


Western companies jumping on the “Hate Russia” bandwagon

Russia “fake news” law

NVidia hacked

Samsung hacked

Discord joins the censorship bunch


Angry Tech News #17: Waterproof Fahrenheit

CES Rundown of useless crap, Tumblr app censorship, and AAA discovers what EV owners already know.


CES 2022 shortened one day

Samsung grasping for features for its new TVs

Kohler combines plumbing and apps

Tumblr ios app censored

AAA study shows EVs far less useful outside California


Angry Tech News #0 – Friday, 3 September 2021

Chinese government restricts video games to 3hrs per week for kids. Reddit continues its crusade against communities that don’t join the hivemind. Samsung shows that when you buy a TV, it’s not really yours. Security researcher turns memory bus into a wifi antenna.

Download mp3


Chinese mandate – kids under 18 limited to 3hrs/wk of video games

2019 Chinese restrictions on video gaming

Writing games for China market under new restrictions

Reddit has banned r/NoNewNormal

Reddit admin “worstnerd” posted an “Analysis of Covid Denial”

Samsung to remotely brick TVs stolen from warehouse

ThreatPost reports “noted air-gap researcher Mordechai Guri created a proof-of-concept”