Angry Tech News #70: Pixelated Grace

New EU battery regulations, Ubisoft does another bad thing, NFTs aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, and a Native Ad for porn!


EU requires all phones to have replacable batteries

Ubisoft deletes accounts, digital libraries, if you haven’t logged in recently

$2.9M Dorsey tweet NFT for sale, $2k OBO

Unstable Diffusion releases AI porn generator


Angry Tech News #38: Iconic Faceprint

TikTok, Twitter, and Ubisoft screw their users, European government screws everyone, a way to defeat air gaps, yet another NPM supply chain attack, and a new product that will help you reach your inner cyborg!


TikTok bends over your privacy

Firefox starts stripping tracking tags from URLs

Smart contact lenses

Ubisoft shows who really owns your games

Twitter has no ethics

Iconburst NPM supply chain attack

DMA, DSA pass EU parliament

ETSC mandates black boxes

Using SATA cable to defeat air gaps