Angry Tech News #59: Space Snooze

Apple store union finds its voice, Facebook continues using its business model, Windows gets more ads, and Pixies hack Google phones


FTC proposal to bar Facebook from monetizing kids
Apple Store union issues its first demands
Pixies song causes google alarm to fail
Win11 gets control panel ads


Angry Tech News #49: Verified Inaccessible

Facebook gets subscription fees, Kia issues software patch for theft, AMD drivers brick gaming PCs, Chatbots go mental, and Samsung develops a feature that should never have been needed


Facebook to get paid subscription
Samsung “Message Guard”
TikTok Kia Challenge
Latest AMD drivers brick PCs
Bing chatbot claims Mars has 2.5Bn people
Bing chatbot goes mental
MSFT demos AI-infused Office apps
MSFT puts limits on Bing chat interactions
Alibaba to develop chatbot


Angry Tech News #39: Broadband Gasoline

Streaming quarterly reports, Smarthomes working for the government, another reason to turn off wi-fi, and some headlines


Google and Amazon pillage your data in an “emergency”

Ring E2EE

Spotify Q2: Users up, revenue down

Disney beats subscriber growth projections, raises prices to compensate

Wifi smartphone probing exposes a ton of data

Starlink bid for $885M in public funds rejected

Google Fiber resumes rollout

VLC banned in India

Meta sues Facebook


Angry Tech News #26: Transmissible Groupthink

Silicon Valley vs Russia, Nvidia and Samsung hacks, Discord goes full Facebook, and my rants go a little bit off the rails!


Western companies jumping on the “Hate Russia” bandwagon

Russia “fake news” law

NVidia hacked

Samsung hacked

Discord joins the censorship bunch


Angry Tech News #24: Nutshell Jammer

Dad vs Internet, Roblox vs porn, Facebook vs human nature, Opera � Yat, and the end of 3G


Paypal new user agreement

HMRC seizes crypto tokens

Dad takes out internet

Roblox: The seedy underbelly of the internet

Facebook mandates virtual social distancing

Opera � Yat

No more 3G


Angry Tech News #8: Spat Verification

Zuckerverse name change, Bad privacy laws come in threes, Google vs Roku, and a huge e-commerce blunder


Neal Stephenson had nothing to do with Facebook’s meta naming

UK’s ominously named “online safety bill”

Brazil adds personal data protection as a constitutional right

Aus wants to protect privacy by forcing everyone to give personal info to social media price glitch

Roku vs Google pissing match


Angry Tech News #5: Concrete Inductor

A deep-dive into wireless EV charging, plus obligatory commentary on Facebook outage, Windows 11, Twitch and Nieman Marcus data breaches


Windows 11 Launch

Twitch leak

Nieman Marcus leak

Whitmer announcement

Indiana project

Cambridge transit zero-emissions


Angry Tech News #1 – Friday, 10 September 2021

Ray-Ban re-releases Google Glass, a trio of laws directed at tech companies, NASA takes the fight to the asteroids, and China doubles down on killing the video game industry


Ray-Ban re-releases Google Glass

Texas passes HB-20 to regulate social media censorship based on viewpoint

California AB-701 slaps Amazon

Australia High court makes websites liable for user comments

NASA is going to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid

China reportedly bans all new video games