Angry Tech News #61: Brute Ford

Asus breaks the internet, hacking fingerprint sensors for fun and profit, yet another reason to fear IoT, and where to charge your Ford EV on the road


BrutePrint attack
Wemo SmartPlug buffer overflow vuln
Ford EVs to adopt Tesla charging standard
ASUS pushes bad config file to millions of routers; breaks internet for two days


Angry Tech News #11: Fungible Modders

Fingerprint hacks, DNA harvested from COVID tests, A massive NFT leak, cranky but ineffective Activision employees, and what happens when a company decides to take back a modding community (hint: lawyers get involved)


Spoofing a fingerprint scanner with a laser printer and some elmers glue

The NFT Bay “pirates” every NFT

Cignpost covid testing company sells DNA data taken from nasal swabs

Take-Two and Rockstar Take their own modding community to court—the-definitive-edition

Bobby Kotick petition