Angry Tech News #82: Subsystem Derision

ATN is back after a small hiatus! Time to clear some tabs and pour sarcasm on some choice stories from the last three months.

Forced updates, Insecure IoT doorbells, The craze to put AI into all the things, Tesla’s safety record, and a rundown of Windows 11 news


Consumer Reports: many smart doorbells have major security problems
Logitech releases M750 mouse, which is M650 with an AI button
Speculation: AI could destroy call center industry
NHTSA report on Tesla Autopilot crashes
Windows 11 stuff


Angry Tech News #61: Brute Ford

Asus breaks the internet, hacking fingerprint sensors for fun and profit, yet another reason to fear IoT, and where to charge your Ford EV on the road


BrutePrint attack
Wemo SmartPlug buffer overflow vuln
Ford EVs to adopt Tesla charging standard
ASUS pushes bad config file to millions of routers; breaks internet for two days


Angry Tech News #51: Moon Peripherals

Data Centers on an AI-generated moon, Apple rules USB with an iron fist, Silicon Valley banking woes, and how IoT keeps a Massachusetts high school fully enlightened


Silicon Valley Bank failure
Data centers on moon
Fake Samsung moon pics
Apple USB accessories still require certification
Mass high school can’t turn off its lights


Angry Tech News #47: Reboot Subscription

Netflix death spiral reaches a new low, BMW doubles down on user-hostility, Blizzard outage in China, More Apple crash detection shenanigans, and Smart devices doing dumb things


Apple crash detection sends more false alarms
Netflix pokes the hornets nest
BMW & subscriptions
BMW won’t update if you live on a hill
WoW went dark in China
Smart-devices leaking pings
Smart trash can for $33/mo (twice the cost of netflix)
People are not connecting IoT devices
MSFT pushes update for office telemetry


Angry Tech News #40: Tab Exorbitant

Headline show, featuring old news and new sarcasm!
Data breaches, Silicon Valley regulator fines, Crappy IoT devices, hacks, hacks, hacks, and Overwatch 2


Facebook now supports NFTs


Google continues using monopoly power to further ban adblockers

Chrome malware extensions removed

Defcon hack on John Deere tractor

Plex hacked

Goodbye SmartDry, we didn’t know ye

Ireland fines Instagram 400B euros

Brazil blocks iphone sans power brick

Google denied appeal of EU fine

Overwatch 2 anti-toxicity scheme


Angry Tech News #27: Inexplicably Microwave

Duck Duck Go seppuku; Steps toward a new Russian internet; California’s newest grid storage scheme; Ford sells incomplete cars; UK cracks down on BCH ATMs; IoT + auto updates = hilarity; and Linux where it shouldn’t be!


DDG plays with fire

Search engines

Russia creates TLS cert authority

GM tests bidirectional charging

Ford ships incomplete vehicles

UK shuts down crypto ATMs

AEG Microwaves think they’re steam ovens

Linux on M1 chip