Angry Tech News #47: Reboot Subscription

Netflix death spiral reaches a new low, BMW doubles down on user-hostility, Blizzard outage in China, More Apple crash detection shenanigans, and Smart devices doing dumb things


Apple crash detection sends more false alarms
Netflix pokes the hornets nest
BMW & subscriptions
BMW won’t update if you live on a hill
WoW went dark in China
Smart-devices leaking pings
Smart trash can for $33/mo (twice the cost of netflix)
People are not connecting IoT devices
MSFT pushes update for office telemetry


Angry Tech News #46: Nefarious Inefficiencies

CES 2023 rundown, Another phone vulnerability, Xbox likes to think it’s green, and more EV stories than I meant to put in this show!

Also, angry thanks to Baron Spud the Mitey, whom I forgot to call out, but who still supports the show immensely.


Alexa smart toilet from Kohler
CNET: Upcoming CES Products
Earspy vulnerability
Consumer spending on apps dropped 2%
Zenimax testers vote to unionize
UK – EV charge costs more than petrol
US – EV charge costs more than gas
WY legislators introduce bill to ban gas-powered cars
Heavier EVs raise safety concerns
Copper thieves stripping electric charging stations
Xbox pretends they’re green


Angry Tech News #45: Screenshot Holiday

Lastpass hacked, Notepad += 1, Tesla gets legislated at, the FBI issues good advice (from 2006), and a Southwest prediction

Recorded LIVE. Angry thanks to Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley, and to BillyBon3s, who boosted at the exact moment I complained about nobody boosting.


Southwest Airlines system implodes
Win11 Notepad gets tabs
LastPass confirms data breach
Teslas are no longer “self-driving” in California
FBI recommends ad blockers


Angry Tech News #44: Multiplayer Scarf

FTC makes its presence known, Apple and Google want you to trust them with your darkest secrets, Tesla releases a video game console, and Microsoft reduces update spam (for certain operating systems)


FTC, lawsuit seeking to block MSFT/ATVI acquisition

FTC fines Epic Games over Fortnite dark patterns

Apple announces E2E encryption in icloud

Google adds client-side encryption to gmail

Tesla cars get Steam integration

Pixel 8 gets unnecessary upgrade

MSFT dropping all support for Edge, Win7, Win8 on January 10


Angry Tech News #43: Type-C Credentials

A rare live-to-tape ATN!

Reddit misses the point. Apple is in hot water over privacy, but at least they’re saving the earth by inconveniencing you. iOS devs aren’t doing much beter. And India jumps on the USBandwagon


Reddit helps people reinforce their information bubbles
Apple sued over privacy setting that doesn’t add any privacy
iOS apps hardcoding AWS credentials (9/1)
India to require USB-C charging
ios Clean Energy Charging


Angry Tech News #42: Acronym Epicenter

The march of time for Windows, more reasons to worry about your passwords, and a whole lot of shaking… of your phones!


Fastcompany breach caused by reused password
Google is officially dropping support for Win7/8.1
Win11 can run Android apps
Thermal imaging attack on passwords
Roller coasters “crash” iphone 14
Android earthquake warning


Angry Tech News #41: Parse Microbe

Intel source code, more phishing, safe LEDs, Google Stadia shutting down, and why I spent three hours futzing with my lightning node today instead of preparing ATN stories!


Intel source code leak

LinkedIn-assisted phishing attacks

New “safe” UV LED

Google Stadia to shut down

LND bug blocks older lightning nodes from syncing to blockchain


Angry Tech News #40: Tab Exorbitant

Headline show, featuring old news and new sarcasm!
Data breaches, Silicon Valley regulator fines, Crappy IoT devices, hacks, hacks, hacks, and Overwatch 2


Facebook now supports NFTs


Google continues using monopoly power to further ban adblockers

Chrome malware extensions removed

Defcon hack on John Deere tractor

Plex hacked

Goodbye SmartDry, we didn’t know ye

Ireland fines Instagram 400B euros

Brazil blocks iphone sans power brick

Google denied appeal of EU fine

Overwatch 2 anti-toxicity scheme


Angry Tech News #39: Broadband Gasoline

Streaming quarterly reports, Smarthomes working for the government, another reason to turn off wi-fi, and some headlines


Google and Amazon pillage your data in an “emergency”

Ring E2EE

Spotify Q2: Users up, revenue down

Disney beats subscriber growth projections, raises prices to compensate

Wifi smartphone probing exposes a ton of data

Starlink bid for $885M in public funds rejected

Google Fiber resumes rollout

VLC banned in India

Meta sues Facebook


Angry Tech News #38: Iconic Faceprint

TikTok, Twitter, and Ubisoft screw their users, European government screws everyone, a way to defeat air gaps, yet another NPM supply chain attack, and a new product that will help you reach your inner cyborg!


TikTok bends over your privacy

Firefox starts stripping tracking tags from URLs

Smart contact lenses

Ubisoft shows who really owns your games

Twitter has no ethics

Iconburst NPM supply chain attack

DMA, DSA pass EU parliament

ETSC mandates black boxes

Using SATA cable to defeat air gaps